Mirrors, Sunlight or Sonlight?

Sign of theFish

There have been many ways that believers have identified themselves with one another throughout history while being under persecution such as the sign of the fish. One person would draw half of the fish in the sand then the other person would complete it–thus they were both believers–they could relax and fellowship with one another. When emperors ruled China

long before the communists, their hatred of believers in Jesus Christ was even greater than that of the communists. There could be only one deity, one god and that would be the emperor. Any identification with Jesus or the church meant certain death.

This month on one of the cable channels as I recall, on the program “How It’s Made” showed how specially produced mirrors were made by, or for, Christians to fool the soldiers of dictators or anyone else who saw them. Yet these mirrors identified believers to other believers.

Believers produce or acquired mirrors that looked quite normal. In fact any person looking at themselves in a mirror would see a normal reflection of themselves or whatever they were viewing. Whoever made the mirrors learned that if certain minute changes were made in its production which when hit by sunlight bent the reflected rays of light. On the object (wall, rock, etc.) where the sunlight was beamed there could be seen an image of a hazy cross.

Believer’s could identify themselves with one another by their mirrors, even if their belongings had been searched hundreds of times and their enemies would be no wiser.


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