One Canadian Bacon Church, Please!

One of the greatest problems with Christianity today is people picking their “so called” Christian belief system, denomination, or non-denomination denomination, based on what they want.  This means instead of seeking fellowship from the standpoint of scriptural principles, they seek it according to their own personal desires.  (Example:  Often, I will go with this fellowship because it makes me feel good.)

In a way it is like eating at a pizza place. Continue reading One Canadian Bacon Church, Please!

Atheist and Christian at the Same Time?

The Question: Can someone be an Atheist and Christian at the same time?

A person who quickly looks at that question and perhaps puts little thought to it would probably answer “no”. I speak from the concept that today, most people, who use the term “atheist” hold it as a word that means a person that does not believe in the existence of God. I mean “nada”, no God. This is the definition that I am applying to the question.

Not too long ago, I remember sitting in a room of mostly educators, many having their doctor degrees in various subjects. After finishing our first topic of discussion, the subject of believing in God came up. Then a request of the showing of hands was made? Continue reading Atheist and Christian at the Same Time?