One Canadian Bacon Church, Please!

One of the greatest problems with Christianity today is people picking their “so called” Christian belief system, denomination, or non-denomination denomination, based on what they want.  This means instead of seeking fellowship from the standpoint of scriptural principles, they seek it according to their own personal desires.  (Example:  Often, I will go with this fellowship because it makes me feel good.)

In a way it is like eating at a pizza place. There are many types of pizza.  “Oh yea, there is Meat, Canadian Bacon, Anchovy (Yuk, I don’t like that fishy one), Sausage, Mushroom, Supreme (Supreme is ok, but I will have to pick out the olives).  Oh, and there is Cheese, Onion, Vegetarian, etc.! 

I ask a person once why they decided to join a certain denomination and their reply was, “No one ever bothers me if I don’t attend,” he said.  “I can just leave them an occasional offering and no bother.”

I ask another person and their response was that she didn’t like any denomination that made a big deal, preaching about sin or certain moral issues.  She said, “They hardly ever preach about those kind of things.”

 And yet, another person commented that the reason they picked their local church was because his friends were there and it was a great social network.  “They are so friendly there!”

 When a person comes to know Christ Jesus they are to come giving their lives and seeking what He desires of them, not what they want in all areas of their lives.  The abandonment of self-desires, and placing of self on the back burner is what Christianity is all about.  One is to follow Him, not think He (Jesus) is to follow them.

 The Apostle Paul (Phil 1:21) makes it especially clear when he says, “For me to live is Christ…!”  He did not say “For Christ to live is ME…”  His life was aimed at attempting to place himself under the total Lordship of Jesus the Christ.  The term Lordship does not fit with self-democracy, rather the giving up of all personal rights to serve the King of Kings where true freedom lies.

 Paul was not the central figure, Jesus is central.

 The statement that “God is on my side” does not follow scriptural principle.  God is not on my side, I am on His side.  Not my will, but His will be done.”  I attempt to relinquish myself, who I am, all that I am, now and in the future to Him. 

 Is it, “For me to live is Christ…?” OR “For Christ to live is ME…!”

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