The English Word “Believe” is Unbelievable

I believe our neighbors aren’t atheists because I see them bowing to a large idol in their backyard and burning animal sacrifices every Wednesday.  “Hey, Honey I believe the dog ran off”.  “I haven’t seen him since last Wednesday”. I believe women are more probundgant than men.  Do you believe that?  Did someone make up that word?

I have heard professors remark that Koine Greek or Biblical Greek is one of the most precise languages ever written.  I have listened to Greek Professors remark that the Greek word for believe is poorly translated into English and is inaccurate. 

They say there are no specific word(s) in English that can accurately represent its meaning. They say that this is especially true in the context of the New Testament.  Anyone can say they believe in anything, but what do they really mean.

Many years ago (in the Army) a number of my men joined me at a Park in Tacoma for some Texas-Style BBQ.  After the feast I was laying back against a tree just relaxing while they were playing ball.  And then it happened!

A beautiful young lady walked through the middle of their game.  The long brown hair and…well lets just say some guys would rate her a number 9.9.  The football game came to an abrupt end as their mouths fell open and they fell into a stupor.  I must admit my mouth may have done the same.  She was just very beautiful.  She smiled and waved at them as she floated by them and towards me. 

As she neared me, she said “hello”, then “peace”.  I started to say hello (Wow, was she pretty) when she dropped to her knees right in front of me and grabbed my face and kissed me on the lips, a long time (actually it wasn’t long enough-ha-ha).  She then gave me the flower that she had in her hair and in a melodious manner rose up, told me “bye” and left.  Now, I was the one in the stupor.

My men came running over demanding to know all about her.  “How come I never told them about her”.  They really gave me a bad time, but I had never seen the young lady before.  I must admit the experience was pleasant, but left me at a loss.  Twenty minutes later a guy came by and ask me if I had seen a young, beautiful woman….  He was her attendant from a mental institution.  You think I told my men that?  I don’t think so!

He said she had lots of problems.  She looked so normal and so beautiful.  He said that one problem was she believed that an old glass door knob that she had found was God.  Yep, God!  I gathered that her problems may have been caused by someone spiking her food or drink with the drug, LSD.

The Greek word (pis-teu-o) relates to an all encompassing belief that literally means you can stake your life on it (just like Jesus’ disciples).  It is like sitting down on an old, pathetic chair, even though underneath that chair are sharp knives that would be lethal if the chair would not hold your weight. 

It’s meaning, also carries with it the commitment of a kingdom warrior, not a democratic warrior.  The kingdom warrior is one that gives oneself to a kingdom because he has given himself to the king without question. 

The warrior does not fight for the King because of The King’s authority.  The warrior fights for the King because the warrior loves the King and personally knows Him.  And the King loves that son or a daughter and personally knows them.

To be a kingdom warrior (Prince or Princess) is the willingness to abandon one’s self and commit one’s total person to God (The King) through Jesus, “The Christ, His Son.”  It is accepting what Jesus has already done by sacrificing himself on Calvary.

To say one believes is not enough! 

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