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Ron Linebarger (Line-bar-ger) is a licensed and ordained minister who enjoys, photography, writing, computers and practical jokes. He has been an electronic/mechanical technician, a petroleum engineer and a ventriloquist. He is a public speaker. What does he say about himself, "For me to live is Christ!"

One Canadian Bacon Church, Please!

One of the greatest problems with Christianity today is people picking their “so called” Christian belief system, denomination, or non-denomination denomination, based on what they want.  This means instead of seeking fellowship from the standpoint of scriptural principles, they seek it according to their own personal desires.  (Example:  Often, I will go with this fellowship because it makes me feel good.)

In a way it is like eating at a pizza place. Continue reading One Canadian Bacon Church, Please!

Atheist and Christian at the Same Time?

The Question: Can someone be an Atheist and Christian at the same time?

A person who quickly looks at that question and perhaps puts little thought to it would probably answer “no”. I speak from the concept that today, most people, who use the term “atheist” hold it as a word that means a person that does not believe in the existence of God. I mean “nada”, no God. This is the definition that I am applying to the question.

Not too long ago, I remember sitting in a room of mostly educators, many having their doctor degrees in various subjects. After finishing our first topic of discussion, the subject of believing in God came up. Then a request of the showing of hands was made? Continue reading Atheist and Christian at the Same Time?