XMAS or Christmas or Christ Mas?


I thought I was getting into a cat fight. My guest had mentioned the term “X-mas” instead of “Christmas”. The lady at the table turned red and begin to fuss at him about the use of X-mas instead of Christmas. She told him of her dislike for “Xmas”.

I nicely explained to both of them that I did not like either term. X-mas is not really X-mas because the X is actually suppose to represent the Greek letter Chi. That means it is supposed to be called Chi-mas which means Christmas. I don’t like either.   Our pronunciation of Christmas is actually Chris-mas. You know the T is silent. Neither word cuts it, as far as I am concerned. Why not make a statement–I am.

I tell people to “Rejoice it’s Christ Mas.” Sometimes I say “Happy Christ-mas.” Jesus Christ is the Christ of Christ-Mas.” USE THE T SOUND!

And to you, “Rejoice it’s CHRIST-mas.”

2 thoughts on “XMAS or Christmas or Christ Mas?”

  1. Semantics matter some. If a big deal is made, then let it at least stand for what it is suppose to stand for–Jesus’ birth. Tradition lends itself to abuse even if it is the tradition of not being traditional which is like non-denominational denominations. Jesus should be celebrated everyday for all He is and all He has done.

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