Paranormal State and Ghost Hunters International Endangers Lives

I am publishing a series of articles on the dangerfor humans in the spiritual war of good and evil. This will include topics about satan and his subordinates. It will relate not only to the warfare and its players, but to satan’s strategies.

We think of Star Wars. Images appear in our minds about the Dark Side versus the Force. Good against Evil! Darth Vader stuff! We see these movies as fiction and understand these fictional episodes as a series of great, epic movies. Yet, we fail to understand that there is a real war of good and evil that goes on around us every day. This war concerns a spiritual reality and yet relates to our physical reality.

There is a war between good and evil that takes place around us twenty-four hours a day, but due to its spiritual nature it is rarely seen or felt by our senses. We pay little or no attention to this spiritual warfare due to our physical world where we live, work and play. The physical world is our focus and draws our senses into its reality.

A young man serving the Prophet Elisha in ancient Middle Eastern text called the Bible, 2 Kings 6:8-17 sees the city where he and the prophet are surrounded by the enemy in their horse pulled chariots. He fears for his life and the destruction of all that live there. The Prophet tells the young man not to be afraid that “there is more with us than those who are with them (the enemy)”. Elisha then prays for the young man’s eyes to be opened spiritually. His young man, his servant then sees that the hills that surrounded the city are full of (God’s angel warriors) horses and chariots of fire.

In the New Testament, seven Jewish exorcists traveled about attempting to cast out evil spirits in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is found in Acts 19:13-17. The evil spirit in the possessed man speak to the seven men, attempting to do the exorcism, “I recognized Jesus and I know of Paul (the apostle Paul), but who are you?” The man indwelt and physically empowered by the evil spirit attack all seven men and overpowered them, so they fled the house bloody, wounded and naked.

The cable programs Paranormal State and Ghost Hunters International in pursuing occasional effects of spirits and supposed human ghosts can open up pathways which allow mayhem, evil activities, illness, mental illness and endanger themselves, their families, workers on the sets, technical support people, directors, editors, script writers, and others. Even if they view, “what they come in contact with” as scientific abnormalities that are somehow generated by physics are other means, it will not matter. That is part of satan’s broader war plans.

Evil spirits come with various strategies and power. They are not ignorant and some have extreme power and capabilities. They follow the orders of their supreme commander satan and he commands and limits their activities. There are other heavenly limitations in which they must also abide. Sooner or later “these investigators” will come across a evil spirit or spirits that are greatly offended with their interference or intrusion while they are amidst a spiritual battle with God’s angelic beings or due to their general hatred of mankind and will find themselves on the receiving end of evil.

One must realize most humans remain unaware of evil spirits and how they can influence people and control some people. This is part of satan’s broader plan. These “paranormal investigators” put themselves and others at risk. I would not walk into the middle of the Iraq War during a battle and try to do an interview with an enemy combatant. Neither, would I let a rabid Great Dane into my home. These “investigators” are doing the equivalent. Some individuals will pay a very terrible price.

I will be writing a series on this spiritual war, satan and his subordinates. Every two to five days I will publish on-line, my comments related to this warfare and its players.

What do you think about the war? Some think it might exist, but yet do not know what it is about. Others sometimes look at a battle thinking it is the war and miss the war. Others say there is no war and this is the reason there is so many religions. Others, toy with evil spirits thinking they are not spirits rather human ghosts or spirit guides hoping to learn and investigate looking beyond life into death, but do not realize they intrude into battlegrounds not of the dead, but of angelic beings.

Your comments are welcome.

5 thoughts on “Paranormal State and Ghost Hunters International Endangers Lives”

  1. Ever watch Sightings? It’s another ghost hunting show, among other things, and it’s been on since 1992. The crew is alive and well, and they’ve never recorded anything spectacular. When you have a wild theory, you should check to see if there’s any evidence against it.
    Haunted houses, where many people have witnessed something odd, are generally harmless. The kind where only one person has repeated night terrors, however, can harm one’s health from the lack of sleep and high stress. Some psychologists and even the psychic Sylvia Browne say they are caused not by ghosts or demons, but by fragmented parts of your own psyche that are re-living childhood trauma. If this is true and you demonize those parts of yourself, you’re only burying yourself deeper into depression.

  2. Yes, everyday is a day of decision to follow the Lord’s leadership to guide us in our decisions. Satan wants us to take the easy road many times but it doesn’t lead to happiness. I had an Uncle who was visited by satan. When he quoted the scripture satan disappeared. So there is our answer, let the scriptures abide on our lips always. Have a good day.

  3. I want to know if the sprits seen/heard our imagination,
    ex. I see my dad washing dishes , he’s beend dead for two yrs.
    I hears planes and bombs at pearl harbor. My understanding is there are no ghosts but evil spirits even though you think its your dad its evil. Is this true? I love the lord and have talked my pastor but scared to ask more please respond.

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