Satan Series Interrupted – Terrorism Imminent

My first post in a series on satan has been up the longest period of any post on my blog. The reason is somewhat daunting. First, believers need to realize the reality of the enemy and his capabilities, along with those of his fellow demon warriors are much greater than the public and today’s Christians realize. Second, for the first time in my life I have had a recurring dream which greatly bothered me and influenced me.

Never in my life have I had a recurring dream of any type. But for over a two month period the same dream returns. Sometimes there is a little more added, but it is always the same. The dream is this. I dream that I am in a large city in the United States when an explosion takes place. The explosion throws to the ground knocking me out. Upon awakening I find myself among the rubble and overlooking sixteen blocks of destruction in which eight blocks where the center of the explosion takes place are totally vaporized. Death and destruction are immense.

I help a lady get out of the rubble and we move away from the city center. After the lady is safe and I am alone, I ask God why? Then I understand that this is the beginning of the last days. It is the beginning of the time when the Church in the United States needs radical preparation for the coming days. It is a time when the Church in the United States will be increasingly pressured to comply with social and governmental pressures or come under the greatest persecution that it has ever experienced. It is a time that the church in the US will be sifted. It is a time that you and I will be forced to take a stand, for, or against, the Lordship of Jesus, the Christ.

The shocking and often ignored words of Jesus found in Matthew 10:34-39 will become a harsh reality. “Do not think that I have come to bring peace, but a sword….” These words that so many overlook will need to be reexamined. Prophecy will need to be reexamined.

Can you radically pledge:

I pledge allegiance to Jesus Christ the Lamb

With all my faith, with all that I am

By myself, or with others I will stand

I desire to follow His commands

I pledge allegiance to Jesus, my Lord, my Lamb.

His return is imminent–Are you ready! It is my opinion that we have at most ten years. Will you be taken with Him or will you be left behind.

Please note that this is my opinion related to the return of Jesus for only the Father knows the exact time.

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  1. 10 years at most? What gives you that impression? And what about the fact that he said no man, not even Jesus himself, knows the time of his return? Only God the Father knows. Do NOT get me wrong, I am hoping he comes even sooner. Just playing “devil’s” advocate I guess.

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