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Satanic-Series Two

Paranormal State (PS), Ghost Hunters (GH) as well as other groups need to read scripture (the Bible). Even though they have tidbits of scripture here and there, they fail to look at what scripture says related to the world of the spiritual and how that world works. Instead they use a great variety of what they think might be spiritual. They use American Indian, Mystic, Wicker, Readers, Mediums, etc in coming up with things that are spiritual. I am surprised that they haven’t used more animals—perhaps mice or toads.

PS still cannot understand that when people die there are two places prepared for them, one good and one not so good. One place is prepared for those who have a personal relationship with Jesus, the Messiah, also known as the Christ. The other place is prepared for those whose who have rejected the Love of Jesus and His Sacrifice on Calvary.

PS as well as Ghost Hunters (GH) also continue failure to understand that spiritual beings are eternal, intelligent and have wills. Since God (God, His Son being Jesus, the Messiah) created humans a little less than the angels, it is an obvious step that that they are eternal and intelligent. PS and GH act as if spiritual beings are ignorant and somewhat limited entities. Whereas they do have certain limitations based on what God and Satan place on them however, they are still above man who is tragically flawed by his sinful condition.

The spiritual entities that they attempt to gather research material on, is worthless due to the fact that they fail to understand the very nature who they are dealing. The demonic spiritual beings, who imitate individuals that have passed on, lead these so called investigators along as they desire.

PS and GH continue to fail to understand that these entities are eternal. They have seen from their creation the history of heaven and the universe. They are intelligent and communicate with one another. They have seen the history of individuals such as a parents, grand parents, and great grandparents and beyond. These entities not only have watched and watch people, but can understand and locate physical/material locations/items. They can be very accurate if they so desire about the pasts of others if allowed by their chain-of-command.

They are intelligent. They (collectively) know every language, read and gather information (technical and otherwise) and use it to their advantage. They can understand cameras, recorders, digital voice recorders, motion detectors, electronics as well as computers—even read over one shoulder and learn what one reads or writes. The entities lead PS and GH as well as other groups around. And being that they hate mankind and are masters of deceit as well as drama they use anyone they can. These spiritual entities continue to manipulate people to include those on PS and GH and those these groups attempt to help.

One must understand that knowing Jesus Christ, being reconciled to Him by the blood he shed on Calvary is not a religion—it is a relationship. Rejecting His or and the failure to give oneself to Him is saying “no” to God. Doing nothing towards having a relationship with God is the same as saying “no” to God. God seeks to know you personally through His Son, not through religion. Jesus Himself said, “I am the way the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father but by me.” Jesus was either a lunatic, a liar or who he claimed to be, “Lord.” To me He is Lord!

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