Spiderwebs make me Crazy!

Three nights ago I walked out to view the starry skys and for just a fresh breathe of air, the beginnings of a relaxed period of prayer and thought. I felt peaceful. I didn’t turn on the porch or outdoor lights. Then my sense of peacefulness was turned into something of urgent despair. Not ten feet from my front door, I was slapped across the face with the sticky, gooey, netting of spiderweb. Ahhhhhhhhh! My peacefulness disappeared! I went into frenzy mode.

Was that stupid spider on me? I frantically grabbed my face trying to pull off that sticky stuff which spiders spin so well? But more importantly, was that hairy, eight legged, four eyed, poison gland filled, arachnid on me…crawling up my shirt or was he on my ball cap? Was he on my back? To make matters worse my son had told me several days before that he had seen a Black Widow Spider in the porch area.

I tore into the house and frantically looking in the full length mirror by the front door. Good, no spider! Still that sticky web stuff was all over my shirt and pants not to mention my face. It took me a long time to pull that web off me and my clothing. It freaked me out big time.

But the spider did not stop spinning. I guess that is what spiders do so well. Yep, I forgot about his web and the next night went to check to see if I had cut the water off the sprinkler. Even with the lights on, I walked into it again. Went through the whole face grabbing routine and running back to the mirror. Once again, getting that sticky web off my face and clothing was…Uhhhhhhhhh!

However; it didn’t happen again. The next night, I got the spider! No more spider means no more web. No more face grabbing! No more wondering if some eight legged, hairy spider is crawling on me getting ready to inject me with Botox –I mean…ahhhhh, toxin.

My experience with the spider made me think about our sins as believers, how the bad we sometimes spin, affects not only our own lives, but those who just happen to walk into the web. I thought of countless church members and staff in past days that spun a web that they thought was out of the way, hidden in the darkness. I remember the hurt and disappointment it caused to their fellow believers and even their family members. However; I also remembered the healing power of the forgiving Christ who died for them and me.

If we would just get rid of our spiders, then we and others would not have deal with the webs.

Later that night, 1 John 1: 8-10 and 2: 1-2 came to mind and I pulled out my Bible and as I read, I was renewed with the peace of my Lord Jesus.

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  1. Spiders are such fun creatures. I remember MKs tying strings around huge tarantulas and walking them down the street. They would keep them and see how many they could collect in 2 weeks.

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