The Great, Grape Vine

I thought the redwood trees in California were old, but how about a 230 years old grapevine that is 118 feet long. It was planted in 1768. It was planted by one, Lancelot Brown. Its base is twelve foot around! When its grapes are ready to harvest, it takes three entire weeks and averages between 500 and 700 bunches of grapes. The largest recorded crops of grapes was 1,800 bunches in 1798, and 2,245 bunches in 1807. It grows at Hampton Palace in England. Now that is a vine! Now that is a BIG VINE–surely it was transplanted from Texas.

It makes me wonder? If spiritual growth could be measured like this vine, then how old or mature would I be spiritually? Jesus spoke from time to time about vines and vineyards.

Would I be three inches, three foot, thirteen foot or thirty foot in length spiritually speaking? How much fruit have I produced? Would I only have one grape per bunch or a few or would I have full bunches? If that Great Vine represented the most mature spiritual life in Christ, then how would I compare?

Please notice that I used the term “compare” and never brought up the idea of “competition.” For more information on the Great Vine, google: Hampton Palace AND England.

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  1. Such a large grape vine could also make one think of perseverance. This vine has probably gone through many climate changes and maybe even a swarm of bugs. Yet has persevered and grown and even produced thousands of grapes. WOW!

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