Little Things Do Matter–$22,000.00 Squirrels

An article from a 1940’s newspaper regarding the wreck of a Southern Pacific Freight train in Washington State stated it was destroyed due to a ground squirrel. The squirrel had dug a hole near a rail support which was washed out during a rain storm allowing the supporting earth to become soft with predictable results.

I winced thinking of my own dislike of squirrels. Those that had entered my home several years ago while I was gone for three weeks–doing some $22,000.00 in damage. Next, I cleaned up the house not knowing that I was supposed to exhaust the vacuum’s output, outdoors. Within four days I had spinal meningitis which meant a trip to the hospital.

Of course, the insurance company insurance refused to pay.

As believer’s we need to remember that small things are often important. A simple, “thank you” or picking up an item someone else accidentally dropped sometimes yields results. Sometimes, that is all it takes to begin building a relational bridge–a bridge to share our faith with them.

What small thing can we do to reflect Jesus? What needs to be done at church to serve our Lord? What small act will be seen by an adult, young person or child that will affect their lives?

3 thoughts on “Little Things Do Matter–$22,000.00 Squirrels”

  1. So many times it is the little things that go unnoticed. We need to keep our eyes on Jesus so that everything in word and deed glorifies Him–even the simplest act of kindness.

  2. true , true, sometimes the little things we do not think significant are big things to GOD and what we think should be big is little to HIM. HIS ways are not our ways, and HIS thoughts are not our thoughts.

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