The Church and the KGB?

When I took some fellow believers to Russia and the Ukraine to smuggle Bibles into the old USSR, I was told of the KGB’s hatred of believers. I saw the hidden microphones in church facility walls. I heard of members, deacons and pastors who were taken by the KGB and never seen again.  At one church meeting, after preaching, I ask the pastor, “Why are there red and green lights on top of the pulpit. He said, “Red means KGB/Communists are here (be careful what you say) and Green means all clear–so preach on…

QUESTIONS: What would you do, if faced with that type of Christian Life? Would you show up to meet with believers?

2 thoughts on “The Church and the KGB?”

  1. I would do all that I could to be evasive — changing meeting times and locations, etc. However, by God’s grace (I hope), I would continue to meet and faithfully declare the truth.

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