Dead in Five Minutes?

A man in a public place verbally challenged God to show His power by striking him dead within five minutes. After five minutes, that tense five minute delay, the man laughed loudly and commented, “What did I tell you?” A lady standing nearby asked the man, “Do you have any children?” He responded, “Yes, several.” If one of your children handed you a knife… and asked you to kill them, would you kill them? “Absolutely not. Are you crazy? I love my kids too much.”

“That is exactly why God didn’t kill you,” exclaimed the lady. “He loves you too much.”

5 thoughts on “Dead in Five Minutes?”

  1. God will never forsake us even if we sin against him thousands of time….he is a loving God. But taking advantage of his love is not the thing that he likes and maybe he can correct us to bring us back to his path.
    That man didn’t understand this….that’s where he failed

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