Toad Licking to Fill Empty Void

The abuse of drugs has been a part of our world from the earliest of times. During the 1970s I knew a guy who cooked banana peels with certain other items to get high.

A 21 year old man in Kansas City, Mo was arrested by Clay County Sheriff’s officers for possession of a toad (toad, toad frog, frog, yea the animal) for the purpose of using it as a hallucinogenic. This author will not divulge the exact type toad due to those who might lack the intelligence and attempt the same thing.

The DEA says that toad licking is not an epidemic, but it’s toxin, bufotenine has caused death in dogs and four people in Australia last year. In the out-back due to lack of accessibility to drugs, the Australians were caught killing the toads, drying their skins for making tea.

The use of toads, marijuana, LSD, cheese, meth as well as other illegal drugs is part of man’s intense search to fill the God Void in a person’s life. The void can only be filled by a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This void which I once experienced, leads man to search for whatever it takes to fill it. Drugs, money, power, sex, religion, social life, popularity cannot fill that loneliness and despair created by that empty, meaningless, purposeless life.

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  1. WOW! People will find anything to make them feel good. Ha Ha Little do then know that it only lasts a little while and then they are back to reality. Yes, God can make them feel good all the time.

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