Man Cuts Off Arm after hearing Voice, Sampson Parker

Sampson Parker while working on his farm in in South Carolina got his arm stuck in the tractor’s corn picker and could not remove it. No one else was nearby. He had tried

to pull out a corn stalk that was lodged in the machine. It did not come out. He went to other side and stuck his arm in near the rollers to get the stalk out, but his arm was pulled into the machine. After an hour and a half and of being stuck, he jammed the machine, hoping this would help. Jamming the machine only caused sparks and caught the corn stalks on fire as well as the tire which was closest to him.

Soon the entire machine would be on fire. Sampson Parker had to decide whether he was going to burn to death or cut his arm off. He was praying to God to help him and thinking of his family, his wife and his son Sampson Parker Junior. A voice told him to take his pocket knife and cut his arm off. While in extreme pain and screaming, he sliced through the meat around his elbow and then he dropped down towards the ground to tear his arm from the machine. As he dropped, the tire that was on fire exploded and blew him totally out of the inferno. Despite the pain, Mr. Parker did what was necessary to live.

I wondered if I could do that? The fire and pain, I am sure, was horrible. What motivation! However, what does it take to motivate “believers” to share the message of peace and salvation through Jesus with others. Mr. Parker’s motivation that day, I am sure, came from God, being that the first thing he did was to pray. Should love motivate us to tell others about our Savior.

Your comments welcome. Pray for Sampson Parker for a full recovery. Pray for all believers to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with others.

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