Children-Not Just Tape Recorders

I have heard it said that Children are God’s little tape recorders. I use to agree with that, but now find that it is not the case. Perhaps, we should say “They are God’s video or digital video recorders.”

Parents and step-parents need to understand that the most powerful learning tool is what they (parents and step-parents) do and say in their role as an authority–that is not only the speaking of words, but by their actions and attitudes. A driver cuts in front of you and you use the nasty language in front of your children—then they can expect them to not only say, but carry out the same type of actions. The Children recorded the incident whether you like it or not!

If you get angry at a friend or neighbor and act hateful—then expect your children to do the same. If you cheat on your taxes or in some other area—then expect them to cheat. How you react to a problem or situation demonstrates to them “the proper way that it should be handled.” The Children recorded the incident in their minds whether one likes it or not!

One of my own relatives got in an argument with his father which took place over thirty years ago. The son did something that the father did (don’t do what I do, but do what I say) and the son left home angry, not speaking to his mother or father (at all) for the first five years. He never had another birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving or meal with the rest of his family. The son, over a thirty year period had little contact with his father and the rest of the family. When his father died, he didn’t even show up for the funeral.

Even today when his name is brought up at family reunions, one comment that I hear is that “He is just like his father.” It surprises some visiting our reunions knowing that the father and the son look so physically different, but relatives are referring to the attitudes. Why? His attitudes are (over-all) exactly like his fathers and many of his actions clearly reflect how his father behaved.

When issues come up in life, how we respond to the issues can have a life impact on our children. Do we react in anger or hatred? Do we attempt to justify our actions by damaging the people we have issues with? Do we try to “get even?” Do we not speak to them because now we are better than they are? Are we willing to sit down and talk to our adversaries about the issues or do we totally shut them off, running from the issue.

Sometimes we all need to ask ourselves, “What would Jesus do?” Sadly, many today are unconcerned with Jesus or God’s Word. It has little or no impact on their lives. God is no longer God, instead we are—we will do everything our way. They say and act as if they don’t care. But they will care someday—about one second after their own death.

What have your children recorded lately?

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