The Church and the KGB?

When I took some fellow believers to Russia and the Ukraine to smuggle Bibles into the old USSR, I was told of the KGB’s hatred of believers. I saw the hidden microphones in church facility walls. I heard of members, deacons and pastors who were taken by the KGB and never seen again.  At one church meeting, after preaching, I ask the pastor, “Why are there red and green lights on top of the pulpit. He said, “Red means KGB/Communists are here (be careful what you say) and Green means all clear–so preach on…

QUESTIONS: What would you do, if faced with that type of Christian Life? Would you show up to meet with believers?

Little Things Do Matter–$22,000.00 Squirrels

An article from a 1940’s newspaper regarding the wreck of a Southern Pacific Freight train in Washington State stated it was destroyed due to a ground squirrel. The squirrel had dug a hole near a rail support which was washed out during a rain storm allowing the supporting earth to become soft with predictable results.

I winced thinking of my own dislike of squirrels. Those that had entered my home several years ago while I was gone for three weeks–doing some $22,000.00 in damage. Continue reading Little Things Do Matter–$22,000.00 Squirrels