Satan’s Greatest Victory

Series One – Satan’s Greatest Victory

By Texas Ron Linebarger

I have heard it from various people that satan’s greatest victory is, that he has convinced humanity that he and his hoards of demons don’t exist, or the effects of their activities are actually left over energies of those who lived before us. The claim is, that they are harmless, but people fail to realize that satan can, and does, by the use of his authority, place limitations on spirits under his command (Principle of Authority – Matthew 8:5-13, Matthew 12:22-37). There will be a time that satan releases them to do his bidding openly and not in a covert manner. This will take place as time unfolds according to scripture.

If a war does exist (and it does) in the spiritual realm between good and evil and satan’s spirits are under his authority, then he commands them as he wishes. However, like man, his spirits have a will, and despite his authority, some will choose to not obey him all of the time. It is at this time when man comes under the greatest threat.

Endangered, means more than just having his or her physical body being buffeted (Physical Attacks, Acts 19:13-19). However; satan’s struggle with God and man relates to satan’s will versus God’s will (for the lives/souls of mankind). God desires that every man, woman and child have a personal relationship to Him. And to do that is to accept his Son, Jesus of Nazareth, the Messiah, and Jesus’ self sacrifice on the cross for the sins of mankind. This means accepting Jesus as the ultimate sacrifice for sin, to repent of sin and to make Him the Lord (the ultimate boss) of one’s life.

This means more than having some religions experience or feelings. A relationship with the Messiah does not mean being religious, being Catholic, Baptist or anything else—it means to have a personal relationship, knowing God on a personal level though His Son, Jesus (Knowing Jesus Christ Personally, Luke 13:23-27, John 14:6).

When one calls upon demonic spirits, taunts them or attempts to open communications with them then they can have negative influence on family members in various ways to include problems with anger, rebellion, depression, dependence on drugs, unhealthy focus on death, the occult, suicide, sexual aggressiveness as well as other problems.

Satan is well pleased that many people have taken up intellectualism, psychology, science and even various mystical religions as their focus on life. he loves it! he would rather them do anything else and focus their attention on anything else rather than trying to understand what the Bible tells the world about dealing with sin and becoming reconciled with God. Jesus, the Christ, the Holy One of God, is the bridge between the broken relationship between God the Father and mankind (bridge, reconciliation: John 14:6, John 10:9,10, Ephesians 2:14-20, 2 Corinthians 5:16-21).

The term belief or believe in English is one that is used broadly. To just say a person believes there is a God is not a personal relationship with God. I believe that Paris Hilton exists, but I don not have a personal relationship with her. Neither, do I know her. The Biblical understanding of belief or believe relates to personal and growing knowledge of Jesus, the indwelling of God’s Holy Spirit and God’s Word. It relates to the giving of oneself to Jesus which is life changing. It is relational.

When one purposely attempts to intimidate, talk or call on spirits who have rejected God that “stands with satan” he exposes himself willfully to evil and those around him to evil. If this person is a person in authority like an employer, a parent, a teacher, a judge, a military general, etc., then those under their authority are more open or susceptible to satanic attack or influence. A Godly authority acts as a hedge against satanic spirits.

These attacks may be considered minor and could even seem like some type of psychological problem and there are psychological problems that are not caused by satan or his spiritual host, but rather chemical imbalances and physiological issues; however, there are attacks that are directly related to satan or his chain-of-command.

We can quite easily list figures who were influenced by satan and his spirits. Those like Adolf Hitler, James Manson, Vlad, the Impaler of Transalvania, Ed Geen, Ted Bundy, Charles Starkweather, to name a few, whose names stand out in history. There are more, many, many more!

I once watched a ninety-five pound woman throw around eight grown men that weighed between one-hundred and fifty and two hundred and fifty pounds like they were pillows (Acts 19:13-20). She had stood up during a church service and started cursing the pastor, God, Jesus, the church, etc.” It took eight men over twenty minutes to subdue her. At that, the men had their clothes torn; they were beaten and bruised, clawed to the point of bleeding. Later, her past revealed that she had no genetic history or signs of past mental problems. She had, however been involved in the occult. Only, through fasting and prayer of others was she returned to her senses and relieved her condition. She had never been to that church before, nor was she a staged actress. I personally witnessed this.

I can hear it already. “She must have had some type of seizure or fit.” Or, “her ‘fight or flight’ gland kicked in adrenaline, and this is where her strength came in to play.” Or, “some type of drug made her this way.”

When death takes a loved one, many of us feel a sorrow that is so deep. I have lost a sister and a father. I wish I could see and talk to them again while I live my life on this earth. I miss them so very much. They were both so dear to me. I wish…., but scripture tells us about what happens after death. God’s word tells us that there is a place for those who know Jesus as Lord and a place for those who reject his Lordship (Luke 16:19-31). If the living do not have access to the spirits of the dead…if they don’t, then who are these supposed contacts that Paranormal State and Ghost Hunters International claim to have contact???

Mankind fails to understand that the enemy of God is also his enemy which is satan and his spiritual beings. Satan and his spiritual beings were made above man (Psalms 8:4-5). They are powerful, intelligent with capabilities which extend beyond that of man and, that we have limited knowledge of, and fail to understand everything about them. We usually are not conscious of their appearances, movements, battles, communications, influences, chain-of-command, etc. Our physical world demands our attention and our consciousness. That is a weakness of mankind even if one comes to know Christ Jesus, the Messiah. Jesus tells disciples that the spirit of God is willing to work with men (those who know Him), but the flesh is weak (Matthew 26:40-45).

There are those that claim to see, hear, and to even have conversations with the dead. There are people that are sensitive to spirits, but they do not speak to spiritual guides or the spirits of the dead rather they direct their conversations to spirits that belong to satan. Evil spirits are eternal in the same sense as man, but they are powerful, intelligent and they are capable of living around humans and remembering their history and their words. These Imitators, or Pretenders are spirits that imitate the history, words, and actions of the dead. These evil spirits were created by God, but are those who joined satan in his rebellion against God.

They live around us and have since the time when Adam and Eve when were kick out of paradise. They walk where we walk and go where we go. They are around us while we sleep and eat. Whatever we do, they see it and being that they were made above us in God’s hierarchy, it is an adequate assumption that that they have excellent memories and can recall and pass along information which they acquire. Because of their longevity many have seen all of our history. Even God’s Holy Angels watch us (Reference to God’s Angels, Hebrews 12:1-3). They have viewed our fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, other relatives and the generations that came before them and have or can access accurate accounts of their lives through other demonic beings. They can also imitate those who have passed on. Our physical lives are short compared to theirs spiritual lives. These spirits surely have no need to sleep.

Because of satan’s intelligence and knowing he is in a war, he will use whatever strategies are necessary to try to win the war. satan is not beyond using man’s own concepts of psychological warfare. He and his spirits know how to camouflage themselves working towards satan’s desire to be covert in the greatest war of all time and space. His major goal in dealing with mankind is to thwart individuals having them to reject God’s final sacrifice for the sins of mankind in Jesus Christ. That is, to thwart or undermine a person having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ by accepting Him as God, reconciling the world to Himself through Jesus.

One of my relatives wrote the book “Psychological Warfare.” It is by Paul Anthony Linebarger or Paul Myron Anthony Linebarger. This book I am told is still used by the Central Intelligence Agency today in their training. One might find it interesting!

If satan cannot keep one from accepting Jesus as Lord, then he and his warriors will do everything possible to insure that the person who has found Christ as Savior will not grow spiritually into a warrior. This is the second worse thing that can take place as far as satan is concerned. he and his, will try to influence that spiritually born-again person who knows Jesus to take their focus off of Him and their own spiritual growth in order to stunt their spiritual growth.

His preference however is to thwart God’s ultimate goal which is God’s desire to fellowship with mankind, who greatly loves. satan does not want to relate to man, but to enslave him due to his hatred of the Creator and mankind which God created. And if man or woman chooses to open their lives/wills to evil, then demonic possession and negative influence are possible. Someone trying to coax or anger spirits to speak or attack them might wish that they had not made that attempt. Trying to contact the spirits of the dead is to contact one of the Imitators or Pretenders. This is just one way to open oneself up to satanic attack or satanic influence.

If you have not looked at God through the eyes of spiritual warfare then it would be to your advantage to do so after submitting your life to God through His Son, Jesus. You might wish to go to satan and his demonic spirits are alive and well on planet earth whether one sees them or not.

More to come.

3 thoughts on “Satan’s Greatest Victory”

  1. HE definitely does war against us. Anxiety, depression, panic disorders, etcetera. It can, and for me is, often be a daily struggle to focus on life and God instead of the disorder. Maybe the disorder has a chemical basis in the brain like they say, but Satan certainly does use it against me.

    The war is real people.

  2. Unfortunately, you are correct. We would certainly prefer not to have such adversaries to our soul. But, it is even more terrible to ignore their reality and to ignore the refuge available to us in our Savior. God Bless.

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